Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB in my PS3

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB in my PS3

Jun, 13, 2011

When the PS3 was first released at the end of 2006, the least expensive model was the only one I could afford. The 20GB, no wi-fi machine did all I wanted it to do at the time: play PS3 games.

I've closely watched what I've put on the HDD for more than 4 years, pretty much only saving game data so I wouldn't exhaust my memory. Recently however, the PSN went out and as part of the "Welcome Back Package", I was given 2 free downloadable PS3 titles. Well guess what? I don't have NEARLY enough memory to be messing around with that kind of stuff! So I did what any geek would do and found a good deal on a hard drive to upgrade my PS3. After a little research and I found the WD Scorpio Blue 500GB Notebook Drive, which was overkill for what I wanted but I did mention I'm a geek right?

The hardest part of the whole process was waiting for my hard drive to arrive! After it arrived, it only took me about an hour to backup my data, replace the harddrive, and restore my data to the new harddrive, the bulk of which was waiting on the backup utility.

I'm now downloading my new games (I chose inFamous and Wipeout HD because I already bought Little Big Planet) with zero problem!

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