Orchard vs N2CMS

Orchard vs N2CMS

Jan, 28, 2011

I've been meaning to start this blog for a long time. I often find cool things that I would like to share with other people, or at least keep track of for myself: code snippets to new open source projects. If this blog never gets any traffic, I'll be forever alone in my library of cool things!

When I started to build this blog, I decided upon 1 thing: it had to be ASP.NET MVC CMS. A few months ago when I researched what was available, pickens were slim. From a maturity standpoint there was really only one option: N2CMS. I immediately fell in love with it and how open it is. As a developer I could control every aspect of the project I was working on, and customize the generated HTML in the project’s view files. And then in January, the project that was proclaimed dead (I know I heard somewhere that they abandoned it), Orchard released version 1.0 and I couldn’t help but check it out.

To begin I want to say that I’m very impressed with both systems and am only just scratching the surface and really getting into them. N2 was originally developed for webforms but plays very nicely with MVC. It runs off a MSSQL database schema that includes only 4 tables, which is impressive in its own right. Orchard is a little more robust and creates a much larger database schema, which I’ve yet to really dive into.

Orchard has really blown my mind in the little time I’ve been playing with it. I’m pleased with the concept of custom content types having custom fields for end users to develop essentially their own reusable classes and objects right there in the control panel. It’s like simple OOP. For example, you can create an “Event” content type with “Location” and “Date” fields that is then reusable for you to publish content freely. N2 also offers a similar idea, but it’s still only available in the developer’s world and must be created on the backend and added to the CMS manually. This does give you a little more flexibility in how the whole thing is displayed, but lacks the simplicity for the end user.

I’ve decided to go with Orchard for my own blog and I’m still developing some sites on N2, so I’ll be able to really drill down into both in the upcoming months.

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