IE9 RC Release

IE9 RC Release

Feb, 11, 2011

Microsoft released the RC for IE9 today, 2/10/2011.

So far I have to say I for one am somewhat impressed. I took a look at the end of last year and was almost dreading the release, and it's hard for me to say that as I'm a Microsoft fanboy. This release candidate has renewed my confidence in Microsoft.

The first thing I did was a default installation Acid3 test, posting the below results. Impressive!

I did some normal browsing and was impressed with the speed of the browser. I like the minimalistic UI, with only a few buttons and a nav bar at the top. I don't like that there's no search bar and the nav bar doesn't double as one, but hopefully that will just be some settings to play with.

I then checked out the selling points for a developer on the RC.

  1. All CSS 3 selectors are supported. I'm going to take that with a grain of salt, as I've had the wool over my eyes on that one before!
  2. HTML 5 Media, Canvas and Inline SVG support. Love to see everyone moving forward with this stuff!
  3. Improved JavaScript performance. Ok, let's just see about that! So I swing over to to check out the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark Tests. Impressive...

FROM: FireFox, TO: IE9 RC

FROM: Google Chrome, TO: IE9 RC

While the tests prove to be very impressive, I'm not going to sell the farm on them. After all, who knows what kind of stuff I've put my FireFox and Chrome through in the sense of tweaks and add ons that this default installation of IE9 doesn't have to worry about! I will, however, preliminarily commend the IE team on a job well done and keep updates rolling on my experiences with IE9.

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